4.3 Series Release Notes#


New Features#

  • Gnocchi now supports MySQL >= 8


New Features#

  • Resampling based on calendar dates are now supported. Using the resample parameter, users can specify grouping by: Y, H, Q, M, or W. Details on each grouping can be found in docs.

  • By default, the file driver creates a subdirectory every two bytes of the metric uuid. This avoid to reach limitation of certain filesystems and improve performance in certain case. This is configurable with the option file_subdir_len. If the backend already have data coming from a previous version of Gnocchi, it kept unchanged, file_subdir_len is set to 0.

  • /v1/aggregation/resources endpoint can now take the STRING format in filter parameter instead of the JSON format into the request payload.

  • The gnocchi-injector tool has been added. It allows to inject random measures to a configured number of metrics in order to generate load for metricd.

Upgrade Notes#

  • The API offered several features that accepted option via the the use of the Accept header. This usage was not compatible with the RFC7231 and has therefore been removed. This created compatibility problem with WebOb 1.8.0 and above.