4.5 Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added max operator to combine different metrics after applied operations. Example: (max (metric metric1 mean) (* (metric metric2 mean) 100))

  • Added rateofchangesec operator to calculate changes between metric measures per second. Example: (* (/ (rateofchangesec (metric cpu mean)) 1000000000) 100))

  • The Dynamic Aggregates API now returns a 404 response when metrics are not found rather than a 400 response. This allows differentiation between an invalid request to the API vs a lack of metric data due to resources not yet being present and is inline with the deprecated metric aggregate API behaviour.

  • Users can now configure the cleanup_batch_size. This limits the amount of metrics being deleted during a run of the janitor thereby preventing out-of-memory errors.

  • Now all default policies are implemented in code, and the default policy rules are no longer required in policy configuration.

Upgrade Notes

  • Users having a large amount of metrics being deleted regularly might needs to increase cleanup_batch_size to a higher value so that the janitor can keep up.

  • Now Gnocchi uses policy.yaml as its default policy file instead of policy.json.

Deprecation Notes

  • Default policy.json has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use policy.yaml instead.